The undead are loading...

As a mystery pathogen rages in Scotland's Capital

Only you can decide
the city's fate

will you make it?

Welcome to Deadinburgh

DEADINBURGH is a unique experiential event created by LAStheatre in association with The Gate Worldwide. As Scotland’s capital is ravaged by a mystery pathogen, the people attending DEADINBURGH are some of the few uninfected citizens.

Meet the scientists

During the Deadinburgh experience you will hear arguments from expert Scientists on subjects ranging from Zombie Psychology to Epidemic Control. This information will guide you to a decision on the future of Edinburgh.

You decide

DEADINBURGH citizens have just hours to save the city, and perhaps the world. You can choose how it ends – reserve a place in the safe zone now! We guarantee an evening of serious fun and infectious ideas.

Are you

Click the boxes to uncover the common symptoms of Lazarus pathogen.

Inflamed decomposing flesh
Lesions of the skin
Yellowing of the sclera

Find the safe zone

Open: 18th-21st April, Time: 7.30pm – 1.00am.
Place: Summerhall, Edinburgh
Contact: 0845 874 3001
Age Group: 14+